The FA has become increasingly concerned about the risk posed to children in football through the misuse of photographic or other images of children. 

This concern relates to:- 

  • the taking of photographs for improper uses
  • the adaptation of innocently taken photographs (for example during the development process or by mobile phone) 
  • the distribution and misuse of photographs and images particularly via the internet.

The FA has identified 3 key concerns:-

  • the possible identification of children via photographs,
  • inappropriate use, adaptation or copying of images for use on pornographic websites,
  • the taking of inappropriate photographs/images.

Accordingly, The FA has issued best practice guidelines. Milford Pumas YFC, in line with its overall Child Protection Policy, has interpreted those guidelines below and incorporated them into its Child Protection Policy and therefore undertakes to abide by these and any subsequent guidelines. This statement and the following guidelines, therefore, represent the policy of Milford Pumas YFC in this respect.   


Guidelines for Parents and Spectators


1. Be aware of the Club’s policy regarding photography.


2. Register with the event organiser if you wish to take photographs of your own children e.g.-

a. at training register with the team manager;

b. at matches, with the referee (or team managers);

c. at tournaments, with the event organiser;

d. at club awards nights/registration days, with the Club Sec. or Child Protection Officer.


3. Ensure your child is appropriately dressed when being photographed (e.g. in full football kit)


4. Remember that you have the right to prevent your child being photographed.


5. Remember that other parents have the right to prevent their children being included in photographs.


6. ALWAYS report any intrusive or inappropriate photography or behaviour to a Club Official. 


Guidelines for Clubs or Persons Commissioning Photographers:

  • Provide a clear brief to the photographer about appropriate conduct, behaviour and content of photos/images.
  • Ensure that the photographer wears ID. 
  • Obtain the consent of players and parents in writing.
  • Always ensure that photographers’ access to young players is supervised.
  • Do not approve one-to-one photograph sessions.
  • Do not approve photo sessions outside the event.


Guidelines for Publishing, Broadcasting or Distributing Photographs/Images:

  • Do not name a photographed child.
  • Do not use a photograph of a named child.
  • Obtain the consent of players and parents in writing .
  • Use photos that focus on football not players and that promote good practice, for example:

- players should be appropriately dressed (football kit as a minimum) and equipped (i.e. with shin pads etc);

- mixed group photographs are preferable to individual photos;

- include girls and boys, mixed ethnic groups, able and disabled


Guidelines for anyone taking photos or recording images of young players:

  • Do not take photographs of young players who are not appropriately dressed
  • Focus on the activity not the players
  • Take group photographs where possible rather than individual photographs
  • Children under the protection of a court order must never be photographed/recorded


ALWAYS report any intrusive or inappropriate photography or behaviour to a club official


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If you have any safeguarding or child protection concerns regarding a Milford Pumas player please contact the Child Welfare Officer (Karen Barham) on  07774 495963 or


Childline are also there to help on 0800 1111 or or 

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