General Statement of Purpose

1. Milford Pumas is a not-for-profit, voluntary, sporting organisation set up for the following purpose:


  • to provide football activities and opportunities.


2. It aims to provide those activities and opportunities for:


  • local young people from ages 6 years to 18 years.


3. Those activities and opportunities will comprise:


  • football training;
  • football competitions and tournaments;
  • league matches and
  • other ancillary activities.


4. The club will operate in such a way as to:


  • develop in young players the principles of sportsmanship and fair competition;
  • develop the technical competence of young players;
  • protect young players from undue competitive pressure and
  • always consider the health and well-being of young players to be of paramount importance.


5. The club will operate in accordance with its own rules and policies.


6. The club will operate within any legislative requirements which affect it.


Fixtures & Matches

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If you have any safeguarding or child protection concerns regarding a Milford Pumas player please contact the Child Welfare Officer (Karen Barham) on  07774 495963 or


Childline are also there to help on 0800 1111 or or 

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