Joining Rules


Young players will be eligible to apply to join the Club principally by reference to their age. Age-groups will be determined broadly between under 7s and under 18s by reference to the Surrey Primary League, North East Hants Youth League requirements (or any other league to which the Club may affiliate) and young players will be accepted only in those appropriate age-groups under those criteria. Where a Team Manager considers that, because of the ability or physical capacity or incapacity, for example, of any young player, it would be beneficial to place that player into a different age-group, the Team Manager is entitled to make such a decision subject to that decision being subsequently ratified by the Committee. Such a decision will take into account the views of the player and the parents/guardians. The Committee will consider applications from girls, young disabled people or young people in special circumstances, on an individual basis. The major consideration will be whether the Club has the appropriate facilities, expertise and supervision levels to accommodate those applicants.



Players wishing to take part in any Club activities must register with the Club. Persons taking part in Club activities, who are not registered, do so at their own risk and are not covered by the Club's insurance. Until the Club receives a player's registration fee the player will not be entitled to take part in Club activities and may not be allowed to take part in training.


Parents/Guardians Responsibilities

  • Parents are responsible for paying players' registration fees at the time of registration in accordance with the scale of fees in operation.
  • Parents are responsible for paying promptly other fees which may become due to the Club, in accordance with its rules and policies, such as match subscriptions, players' fines, Club reimbursements.
  • Parents will be responsible for delivering their children into the care of the appropriate manager/coach/helper at training sessions and for collecting their children from these sessions at the appropriate time.
  • Parents will be responsible for transporting their own children to and from matches or from meeting places from time to time arranged.
  • It is the parents' responsibility to provide their own children with suitable personal equipment to take part in the activities.
  • Parents must ensure that their children carry any medical treatments which they need with them and are able to administer such treatments themselves.
  • Parents must ensure, as far as is reasonably possible, that their children are fit and healthy to undertake the activity that they attend. 
  • Parents must exercise reasonable care over any Club equipment or assets or any facilities from time to time occupied or used by the Club.
  • Parents will be responsible for any costs arising from damage caused by their children, to the Club's property or other property, arising from the improper behaviour of their child.
  • Parents' behaviour towards the Club's players, opposition players or supporters, or the officials at matches or other activities should be in a manner which maintains the good reputation of the Club, and sets a good example to the young players, as set out in the Club's policy documents. 


Player's Responsibilities

Players are required to behave in an acceptable manner at training sessions or other activities in accordance with the instructions of the coach or adult helper.


When representing the Club at matches or other activities, players are required to behave in an acceptable manner in line with the policy of the Club.


Players are responsible for their own personal equipment and belongings.


Players should exercise reasonable care over any Club equipment or assets or any facilities from time to time occupied or used by the Club.


Players are not allowed to use the Club's facilities, equipment or assets except during the Club's official activities whilst under supervision of the Club's helpers.


Any fines (such as bookings or sendings off) incurred by individual Players or Club Officials will be their responsibility and they will be required to settle them accordingly unless it is felt that they were incurred unreasonably. It will then be their responsibility or that of their manager/coach to make such representation to the Committee.  Should the Club have made payment on their behalf the individual concerned will be bound to reimburse the Club in due course. Should payment not be forthcoming the Committee will have the right to suspend the individual from the Club until payment has been made.


The Club's Responsibilities

The Club undertakes to act in the manner set out in its rules and policy documents in its handbook which is available for viewing on request.


The Club undertakes to act within the rules set out by the league to which the Club is affiliated which are available for viewing on request.


The Club undertakes to fulfil all its legal requirements and to operate appropriate Child Protection procedures.


The Club's adult helpers are not authorised to carry out any activity other than those pursuant to the Club's official football training, football matches and other ancillary activities. For example, the Club's officials are not authorised to be responsible for the following:

  • transporting young players;
  • the care of young players outside of the duration of training or matches;
  • collecting or holding of players' personal belongings;
  • the behaviour, or result of such behaviour, of players outside the Club's official activities; 
  • the result of improper behaviour, or the costs arising from such behaviour, by players.

While for practical convenience the Club's adult helpers may from time to time undertake some actions for which they are not authorised, the Club cannot be held responsible for incidents thus arising.


The Club reserves the right at any time to refuse an application to join or to require a player to leave the Club if the above rules are breached or in the event that the Committee consider other matters to be of sufficient cause to justify such action.


The Club or its officials will not be liable for actions by players which are in breach of Club rules or the consequences of those actions. The Club will not be liable for unauthorised actions or actions in breach of Club rules by its officials or the consequences of those actions


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