Health & Safety Policy

Milford Pumas YFC recognises that it is engaged in providing sporting activities and that accident’s and injuries are, in that environment, possible. Nevertheless, the Club aims to protect the health and safety of its members and helpers as far as is reasonable, to exercise its legal duty of care, to operate within an appropriate Child Protection Policy and any relevant legislation. In order to achieve those aims it will:

  • take out and maintain adequate insurance for the protection of all its members and in order to minimise any personal liabilities of adult helpers;
  • ensure that the policies and the members of the Club recognise that the health and safety of young players is of paramount importance;
  • to appoint a Child Protection Officer to be responsible for the operation of an appropriate Child Protection Policy;
  • acknowledge the requirements of appropriate bodies in respect of health and safety, such as the Surrey Primary League, North East Hants League, Surrey County F.A., Surrey County Council, and any legislation;
  • appoint, on the basis of suitability, persons who wish to take up positions with the Club where they will come into contact with young players on a regular basis;
  • encourage and assist (including financial assistance) helpers with appropriate training as far as is reasonable and affordable;
  • set out key health and safety requirements in writing and make members aware of those requirements;
  • take remedial action where those requirements are not met; 
  • update and improve those requirements and practices when appropriate;
  • acquire/use equipment and venues that are appropriate in health and safety terms;
  • make first-aid equipment available to the helpers of each team;
  • make parents and young players aware of their responsibilities in respect of the health and safety of themselves and other Club members; and
  • not do anything which will place young players or officers/helpers in a position where their health and safety is unreasonably compromised.


In the event that anyone suspects any incident of abuse or unreasonable behaviour towards a Milford Pumas player or by a Milford Pumas official you must inform the Club Child Protection officer as soon as possible.


The Club's Child Protection Officer is Karen Barnham 07774 495963–



  1. All adult helpers are required to treat the health and well-being of the players as of paramount importance.
  2. Adult helpers who come into contact with players will be encouraged and assisted to undertake first-aid training (and other pertinent training) where possible.
  3. All adult helpers are required to organise football activities for the players so as to minimise the risks of stress, distress, over-use injuries and accident injuries.
  4. The Club will make a first-aid kit available to each team manager and ensure that an adult helper with the first-aid kit should be in attendance at every activity.
  5. Team Managers will ensure that drinks are available for young players at all activities.
  6. Team Managers are required to have at hand the name and address or telephone number of all the players registered in their team.
  7. All adult helpers are required to comply with the Club's Child Protection Policy. 
  8. Adult helpers should ensure that the playing surface and conditions are safe for the activity planned and that there are no holes, obstructions etc. which might be unsafe.
  9. Whilst parents/guardians are required to accept responsibility for collecting their children from training or pick-up points at the correct time, adult helpers are encouraged not to leave until all younger players have been collected.
  10. Team Managers are required to have effective emergency telephone arrangements which take into account the availability of mobile phones, use of neighbours' home facilities for emergencies and, awareness of the nearest payphone.
  11. Where adult helpers are transporting young players to or from activities, they are required to do so in a roadworthy vehicle and to drive in a careful and lawful manner.
  12. Adult helpers should avoid being alone with young players and each team manager is strongly encouraged to have at least one additional adult helper at all times.
  13. Adult helpers should never undertake things of a personal nature for young players which the players can do for themselves.
  14. All adult helpers must comply with all legislation as affects the health and safety of young people.


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If you have any safeguarding or child protection concerns regarding a Milford Pumas player please contact the Child Welfare Officer (Karen Barham) on  07774 495963 or


Childline are also there to help on 0800 1111 or or 

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