Data Protection Policy

Milford Pumas Youth FC is fully committed to protecting the rights and privacy of individuals, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Information about our committee, coaches, managers, assistants, administrators, players, parents and other individuals will only be processed in line with established regulations. Personal data will be collected, recorded and used fairly, stored safely and securely and not disclosed to any third party unlawfully. As the lawful and correct treatment of personal information is critical to our successful operations and to maintaining confidence, Milford Pumas YFC is committed to:

  • protecting members’ personal details and records
  • keeping candidates’ and other individuals’ personal data up to date and confidential 
  • maintaining personal data only for the time period required
  • releasing personal data only to authorised individuals/parties such as leagues for registration purposes
  • collecting accurate and relevant data only for specified lawful purposes
  • adhering to regulations and related procedures to ensure that all committee members who have access to any personal data held by or on behalf of Milford Pumas YFC are fully aware of and abide by their duties under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Members are required to report any allegation in relation to the unlawful treatment of personal data by contacting the Chairman. A concern should be raised in the event that members feel that records of their personal data have been:

  • lost 
  • obtained through unlawful disclosure or unauthorised access 
  • recorded inaccurately and/or in a misleading manner
  • provided to a third party without permission.

Where required, Milford Pumas YFC will take appropriate action/corrective measures against unauthorised/unlawful processing, loss, destruction or damage to personal data.




Milford Pumas YFC uses a secure membership system by a third-party supplier, ‘membermojo’. For more information on security click here.


As stated on our membership system when you register here ‘the data held by Milford Pumas Youth FC is kept securely on a membership system and will be used only for the purposes of the club and league registrations.’ Submitting your registration implies consent to securely storing this data and sharing with leagues for registration purposes.


Any additional information, such as proof of data of birth documents, when received, is attached securely to your membership record or you can also upload yourself through your dashboard if you do not wish to email them.


Once a player expires they are retained for 36 months and it is then automatically archived securely online in the same system for 10 years. 


Only the club system administrator and the club Chairman have full access to this data. The manager/administrator of your team will have limited access to information required for matches such as contact info, medical details etc. Managers gain access by submitting a data protection statement to the system administrator.


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If you have any safeguarding or child protection concerns regarding a Milford Pumas player please contact the Child Welfare Officer (Karen Barham) on  07774 495963 or


Childline are also there to help on 0800 1111 or or 

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