Bursary Scheme

Introduced in the 2010/11 season the Bursary Scheme will be reviewed every three years (next review date 15th June 2017)


Milford Pumas Youth Football Club (MPYFC) is committed to developing the skills of its members, both as players, and in roles in the wider context of the sport.  It is also keen to ensure that members are encouraged to see themselves as part of the community of the Club and continue to contribute to its success beyond their playing careers.  


Within the context of the requirements of the Football Association’s Charter Standards for football clubs, MPYFC is committed to achieving and exceeding these standards and to achieve Charter status.  Amongst other things this necessitates having a specified number of coaches trained to FA Level 1.

The leagues within which MPYFC competes are often unable to provide referees on a regular basis, and the club is continually having to source local referees.  As player registrations with the Club rise each season and with more matches being played year on year, the Club needs to find ways of increasing the pool of local referees.


Supporting Club members to gain skills in coaching and refereeing through a bursary scheme will enable it to:

  1. further develop the skills of its members and instil a sense of community
  2. meet the FA Charter Standards
  3. provide  a larger pool of qualified referees for competitive matches



This policy sets out the process for applying for a bursary to contribute towards the cost of training for a FA recognised coaching or referee training course.  



This policy applies to all MPYFC members who are eligible to apply for a bursary as detailed in the guidelines below.


The policy applies to committee members or co-opted bursary panel members who make the decision whether or not to award a bursary to an applicant.



Non-compliance with this policy may result in unfair decisions being taken in respect of applications for bursaries, and may result in complaints on the part of aggrieved parties, with the potential to damage the reputation of MPYFC.



The aim of the Bursary Scheme is to make available a sum of money, to be agreed annually by the Committee, in order for one or more members to undertake referee or coaching training.  The number of bursaries offered will depend on the funds available and the costs of the training courses.



Awarding bursaries is a way of rewarding players for their loyalty to MPYFC, therefore, to be eligible to apply for a bursary a member must have completed a minimum of three consecutive years’ membership with MPYFC.  In addition, the member must meet any age requirements that may be in force with regard to the training courses being applied for.


The Bursary Committee will have discretionary powers to accept applications from members who do not meet the eligibility criteria.



The procedures for applying for a bursary are as follows:

  • The applicant will need to identify a suitable referee or coaching course.
  • The applicant will need to complete MPYFC’s Bursary Application Form.  (see attached). On this they will need to:

a. Provide evidence of a minimum of three consecutive years’ Club membership

b. Provide a supporting reference from a Club official (team manager/coach, committee member etc.)

c. Provide a personal statement in support of their application

  • Applications will be considered by a Bursary Committee, appointed by the MPYFC Chairperson.  All members of the Bursary Committee will be officials of MPYFC.  The Bursary Committee will decide which applications are approved, and which are not, and notify applicants accordingly.

Where an application is not approved clear reasons will need to be stated and communicated to the relevant applicant.  The decision of the Bursary Committee will be final; there is no appeals process and no further discussion will be entered into regarding the decisions made.



In supporting Club members to undergo referee and coach training, MPYFC has an expectation that successful Bursary applicants will undertake duties with the Club as referees or coaches for a period of at least two seasons.



All applications for bursaries will be considered without prejudice and all applications will be considered solely on the basis of submitted application form below.

MPYFC Bursary Application Form
MPYFC Bursary Form.doc
Microsoft Word document [61.5 KB]


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