Longer Lasting Fuel for Players

Posted October 3rd 2016, Mark Raynsford (Girls U12 Manager & Personal Trainer)


Food choices and water intake is huge for many factors around our bodies, but for growing girls and boys it will massively affect their energy levels, mood state and hormones!
So which foods will help control/balance the above, and be better options pre-football?


  • Upon rising a glass of water (optional slice of lemon or lime in for flavour and aids digestive system) - our bodies are over 65% water, and this aids in all of our bodily functions. Even slight dehydration can cause irritability, fatigue, “mind fog”, muscle cramps, ‘false feeling of hunger’ - (often hunger symptoms can be a sign of dehydration) Ideally, if they can get through 500ml water a day this would really benefit them (more on hot days/with exercise) Dependant on levels it can take up to 5 days to fully hydrate, so regular consumption throughout a day is crucial. Once you’re thirsty, you’ve already reached a point of dehydration.


  • Our blood sugar levels are low in the morning, and we want to increase these steadily, and keep them balanced for the next few hours (for the day essentially!) - Our blood sugar levels dictate our energy and mood levels massively (and on a side note our weight)


  • Sugary foods(sweets, cakes), including breakfast cereals, toast, pastries etc will all digest quickly, and raise our blood sugar levels fast - this gives that quick energy burst, but then they fall dramatically, as our body works to level them out (high blood sugar levels are detrimental to our health, so our body works to balance) - these highs and lows in blood sugar levels have the same effect on our energy levels and mood, especially in the younger ones! Certainly for football, we want sustained energy levels.

Below are some better options for breakfast that will give improve energy, balance and health benefits...

Greek Yoghurt with some berries and small amount of granola on top

Don’t go fat free. The myth of fat makes us fat is incorrect, and it’s CRUCIAL for healthy hormones, so even moreso for growing children.


Mixed fruit salad with some greek yoghurt

Add a few nuts (ground or whole) on top (if you aren't allergic!)

Eggs on toast

Scrambled, poached or fried on wholemeal, spelt or rye (more beneficial than white).



Add some tasty flavours with ham, cheese (e.g. feta or goats), tomatoes etc.

High Protein Pancakes

Made with Hi-Pro peanut butter to contain all your macronutrients (Fat, Carbs and Protein). Serve with Greek Yoghurt.


Checkout a recipe from Mark. 

Baked Beans

With some scrambled egg and wholemeal/rye toast.


Made with berries (frozen or fresh) half/one banana, some greek yoghurt and a little water. If you are feeling adventurous - a handful of spinach will bring some great health benefits, or half an avocado will thicken the smoothie and equally give some amazing health benefits.


Wholemeal Bagel

With peanut butter and sliced bananas is a taste sensation!


With a small amount of honey.


A good slow releasing source of energy.

Danio or Skyr Yoghurt Pots

Higher in protein and lower in sugar than most individual yoghurts.

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